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  Affordable Gold by the grams!
 In 1, 2.5, & 5,gm weights

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One Gram At A Time

                                                                             Gold is the future!
Karatbars is an amazing opportunity that makes buying gold affordable AND offers an exciting way to earn a substantial income by sharing this program with others!

Have you ever wanted to add gold to your financial portfolio? People from around the world are discovering the importance of owning this precious metal!
THE PROBLEM: Currency is not money! All Experts agree. Mike Maloney, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and others agree:
THE SOLUTION: KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL allows the average person to exchange dollars to gold a gram at a time!
Watch pre-recorded presentation. At the Real Money,Info
Open (Register) for gold savings account for Free, and start acquiring gold.
Karatbars also has an optional affiliate rewards program for sharing this opportunity with others. For more information get back with me and ask about the Affiliate Rewards Program.
This is a simple 3-Step System, and anyone worldwide can follow. This is the absolute BEST AFFILIATE REFERRAL REWARDS program I’ve ever seen and or experienced!
Note: Even if you’re not interested in the Affiliate Rewards side of things, please consider creating your free gold savings account for you and your family!

Karatbars International is a simple wealth building plan offering 3 optional ways to participate. 

1. Open a Free International gold savings account to accumulate gold in 1, 2.5, and 5 gram Karatbars Gold cards.
There are no fees of any kind and no social security number, credit card or mandatory purchase is required. 
The account is completely free and takes just minutes to open. It's as easy as getting a Facebook account.
Every time you acquire gold you are building your family's wealth because GOLD is real money and GOLD is a potentially appreciating asset. Fill out the form below to open a free account. 

***The income opportunity is optional***
:  The information  is about Karatbars International, a global e-commerce company based out of Stuttgart, Germany.  Karatbars international is not a Multi-Level marketing (MLM) company.  This informational site has been created by Sam Collins independent affiliates with Karatbars International to show the affiliate reward earning potential when you decide to utilize the wealth building plan.  The projections shown on this website are not a guarantee of income but rather an example of the earning potential available based on your individual work efforts.